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Howard Lake | 29 June 2020 | Sponsored posts

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The Lockdown Keynote: A free inspirational keynote speech for professional fundraisers and charity leaders worldwide.


This year, we’ll be missing the special days when we can get excited about being fundraisers. All over the globe, we’ll be missing the jolt of energy of our big professional gatherings. Missing the time to step away from our desk, to refocus, and to return with a fresh dose of commitment; inspired, educated, challenged, and energised.
This year, it’s trickier to get that buzz, trickier to clear our heads, trickier to see things clearly, to make everything simple amongst the complexity.
And yet, we need that energy now more than ever before.


The last few years, Alan Clayton has been privileged enough to be invited as keynote speaker to provide that simplicity, clarity and inspiration for fundraisers and non-profit leaders across the globe.
So, this year, Philanthropy and Fundraising International has recorded Alan’s keynote speech, for fundraisers and non-profit leaders globally to watch for free.
While watching a video on one’s own can hardly replace the vibrant atmosphere of a packed plenary room, Alan has tried his best in the difficult conditions of lockdown.
Speaking to nobody but a socially distanced camera operator, with an agricultural haircut and the only available shirt, Alan has done his best to bring you a bit of what we will all be missing this year.
Alan Clayton presenting Fundraising bounce-back

Subject Matter: Fundraising Bounce-back

The academic evidence of the Great Fundraising Report tells us what organisational behaviours result in success: Great Fundraising leaders provide simplicity, clarity and energy.
How do they do that? The great fundraisers get their boards to make the crucial decisions about investment. The great fundraisers confront the need for building a fundraising culture internally. And great fundraisers achieve simple (but never easy) decisions about communications.
Fear and uncertainty (mainly amongst non-professional-fundraisers) are the biggest organisational problems in fundraising in general, and right now that challenge has just been dialled up in extremis for many organisations: Overcoming the fears of fundraising of the rest of the organisation is where the fundraiser can step up in 2020.

Where to look for Fundraising Inspiration in 2020?

Technical excellence, a great database and deep insight into donors are important for great fundraisers, but you can have that and yet still not succeed. When it comes to fundraising, it is the ability of the leadership to manage the fears, opinions and beliefs of the rest of the organisation that separate great from good or average.
In his lockdown keynote, Alan Clayton will touch on examples of three different organisations that have shown exemplary leadership in bouncing back their fundraising in 2020; RNLI in the UK, Lutheran World Relief in the USA and the Salvation Army in Australia.

Alan Clayton's video background kit

Alan Clayton’s video kit

Your Fundraising Bounce-back Starts at Your Screen

Watching the keynote on a screen will never have the same sweaty and raucous atmosphere as a real conference room, but at least you can bring your coffee, children or non-fundraising colleagues into this keynote. There may be insights that you want to share with your board or senior leadership too and, unlike a usual keynote, it’s now easy for you to do so.
So, clear an hour, click through, and enjoy with the compliments of PF International.

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