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Reply To: Notches

I've certainly been guilty of the notch-up-a-pledge mentality when I was fundraising for legacies. But how do we move from there, given our ever-more-obsessed-with-metrics approach to fundraising?

Is it the face-to-face or in-home visits approach to potential or existing legacy pledgers? I remember Oxfam was taking this approach in the late 1980s when I first started as a fundraiser with them, and other charities have followed.

But aren't there many pledgers who feel they've done their bit by pledging and actually don't want anything else from the charity, except perhaps the occasional update? In which case the need to connect and communicate with them might be equally misplaced and address more our need as a fundraiser rather than their wants as a donor.

I suppose, as always, the answer is - it depends. Each donor will probably have different communication needs.
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