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Reply To: Brave and overdue decision

I'm sure you're right, Stephen, so well done to NSPCC for taking that step. You're right: as a legacy fundraiser a decade ago I had a feeling that seeking confirmation of a pledge was a step too far for many supporters. But I didn't stop asking for it.

It was more relevant to me as a fundraiser, ever keen to show that legacy campaigns were having an impact, even if the bequests themselves weren't going to be arriving for several/many years.

But it wasn't relevant to the supporters. Applying the test of 'would I do that?' to the request for a pledge, I knew I wouldn't have done so had I not been a legacy fundraiser, aware of the desire of my peers at the recipient charities to learn of a pledge.

So, mea culpa, and let's see how many other charities follow this overdue development.
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