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Guest blog guidelines for UK Fundraising

UK Fundraising has featured guest blog posts since 2005 as a means of presenting a wide range of views to help fundraisers improve their effectiveness.

We welcome new suggestions: email them to Howard Lake.

If your proposal is accepted, here are our guidelines for writing a guest blog post.

• We ask for posts that are around 600-1,000 words, but are very flexible on length.

• Every post must be very practical, full of ideas, examples, lessons that fundraisers at a range of organisations can make use of.

• Our audience is broad but does consist of some very senior and experienced fundraisers. As a result, expect some degree of fundraising, marketing or business experience. Intro level content is therefore usually not right for our audience. Also, we’ve published online since 1994 so we’ve covered a lot of fundraising ideas and case studies. So, try to write for someone with say five years fundraising experience or who manages a fundraising function.

• Our primary audience are professional fundraisers in the UK, but we are well aware that our site is useful to fundraisers in other countries, other charity staff, volunteer fundraisers, members of the public, journalists, and professional advisers or suppliers to charities.

• Do link to relevant research/articles to enhance what you are sharing or arguing.

• We don’t usually accept blue sky thinking or purely theoretical articles. Fundraisers need to focus on practical ideas: they know there are lots of opportunities out there, but they want some informed analysis and examples of what other charities or businesses are doing and what their results are.

• We ask for unique content that has not appeared elsewhere. You are, of course, welcome to republish your blog post on your site, with a link back to the original on this site, but it should be published at least 24 hours after it first appears on UK Fundraising.

• Write in a manner that aids some scanning an article: sub-headings, bullet points, lists etc usually aid that.

• Include an image that you have the right to let UK Fundraising publish. This will be the main image. Something at least 820 x 300 pixels (landscape rather than portrait) is good.

• Try to include one or more other images – or a video – to include in the body of the post.

• We welcome other content ideas and formats too – videos, infographics, a series of related articles, interviews, a curated report on another platform e.g. etc.

• We do feature the occasional list-based article e.g. “10 ways to…”.

• We also feature humorous posts too, but remember humour doesn’t always translate well.

If you have any questions about a guest blog post on UK Fundraising, do contact Howard Lake.




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