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Fundraising Camp

Fundraising Camp
Come to Fundraising Camp!

Fundraising Camp is a new kind of one-day event for fundraisers, one of the first of its kind for fundraisers in the UK. It has been inspired by the ‘unconference’ style of event.

An unconference is an unstructured conference: there are no set speakers and no set topics. As a participant you are invited to suggest a topic at the beginning of the day. It could be something you know about, it could be a problem or a question you have and you want help on.

Delegates are encouraged to speak on the subject – not with a Powerpoint or anything like that, unless they want to. We all agree the topic sessions at the beginning of the day, and then you usually find that there are quite a few others who want to come along and join in your session.

Fundraising Camp is informal and relentlessly practical. No-one is coming to judge the quality of how you present. Everyone will be there wanting to improve their fundraising.

What does Fundraising Camp feel like?

Have a look at this report from our first Fundraising Camp at Oxford on 24 September 2013.


Fundraising Camp – Dundee

15 March 2018, The Circle, Dundee


Fundraising Camp – Canterbury

11 January 2018, University of Kent, Canterbury


Fundraising Camp – Hospices

1 November 2017, JustGiving, London


Previous Fundraising Camps


Fundraising miniCamp

We have plenty of plans to bring Fundraising Camp to more fundraisers, to share the value of this kind of event for learning and networking in an informal and highly practical way.

We ran our first Fundraising miniCamp, a shorter, subject-specific event, with Britain’s Personal Best on 5 November 2013, and a second miniCamp for the Institute of Fundraising London group in April 2015.


Other Fundraising Camps

A number of organisations have asked us to run a Fundraising Camp for their sector. If that sounds of interest to you, let us know.


Join in!

As well as keen delegates, Fundraising Camp only works if we secure good quality venues and sponsors. If that is of interest, do contact Trevor Dorrell.



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