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Insurance Brokers

Insurance Brokers


Insurance BrokersInsurance Brokers are retail agents for insurance companies. They assist clients in assessing their requirements and advise them in selecting the best type of policy for their particular needs. They will also assist the client to fill in complicated insurance proposal forms.

The sale of general insurance has been regulated by the Financial Services Authority since January 2005 and, therefore, companies who wish to trade as an Insurance Brokerage company must now be authorised by the Financial Services Authority (FSA).

Insurance Brokers now have to be transparent with their clients and advise them what fees and commissions they will be earning from the product they have recommended.

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Types of insurance offeres

- Car Insurance
- Home Insurance
- Wedding Insurance
- Young Driver Insurance
- Holiday Insurance
- Health Insurance
- Motor Bike Insurance

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Insurance Brokers

Many people prefer to deal with an insurance broker for their general insurance needs as well as car, home contents, building and any other insurable needs.

Insurance brokers are very knowledgeable and become familiar to families and companies who have probably dealt with the same insurance broker for many years.

With the onset of web based comparison sites, the insurance broker must now be more competitive than ever. Many clients will shop around to find the most competitive quote online and then go to their long established insurance broker and ask if they can beat the online quote, or at least match it.

Most brokers of insurance normally send out their renewal quote about 4 weeks before the renewal due date and this is the time when the client must give priority in sorting out the best quote around. Your insurance broker does not want to lose your business and often has the authority of the insurance company to match any market rate. So, having found the best quote by looking around, it will be necessary to provide proof of the quote to an insurance broker so that he/she may see that it is genuine.

Insurance broker companies can be of all sizes, from the multi-national to the small local insurance brokerage who operate from a small office or shop. Most insurance brokers belong to an organisation called BIBA (British Insurance Brokers Association). This organisation will assist with mediation in any dispute you may have with your broker. However, these days, with all the strict regulations governing the Insurance Brokerage business, 99% of insurance brokers are honest and well run.

It must not be forgotten that the broker, besides being the agent of the insurance company, is also the agent of the client and will assist the client when there is a claim to be made. Your insurance broker's business is based on repeat business from you, together with recommendations. They want to retain your good faith and then will always go out of their way to help you. They will explain what is covered in your policy and what is not covered. They will explain in detail all excesses. They will clarify all insurance jargon. They will help you fill in any forms required. They will clearly state the cost of your policy. They are your point of contact and, most importantly, you can see who you are talking to.

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