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Accounting Software For Charities

Accounting Software For Charities


Accounting Software For Charities - Do you want to see your charity accounts handled in a fast, efficient and professional manner? Are you tired of buggy accounting software that leaves a lot to be desire? Then you need Company A accounting software specifically designed for UK charities.

Let's face it all software isn't the same and Company A accounting software stands out from the crowd. It is jammed packed with features and can handle from the basic local charity accounts to the more robust international charity accounts. You can easily scale up any accounts.

Some of the features of Company A accounting software includes an easy to navigate interface to make using the software easy with simple and clear graphics, text and instruction. There are many functions available including accounts receivable, accounts payable, general ledger, billing and a variety of other standard components found in accounting.

Company A has really improved efficiency with this software as it runs lean on all Windows Operating System, loads quickly, and offer easy customisation of your data, including forms, reports and screens. Updating the software is easy via the internet and there is an online 24/7 helpdesk for customer support.

To see how your charity can benefit from Company A software, please call 0845 094 8033 or visit

Software Features

- Budgeting
- Gift Aid Processing
- Charity Commission SORP Compliant Reporting
- Sales Ledger
- Purchase Ledger
- Planning and Forcasting
- 24 hour support
- Full access to knowledge base
- Free software upgrades

How Can Accounting Software Help Your Charity?

Accounting software for charities is an extremely vital software application which will help a charity, large or small, enormously. With all the different kinds of accounting software available on the market, it really is tough to really know what kind of software you should purchase. However it can be a godsend to your charity in that it will help with managing your finances and streamlining your spending. It will take care of tracking of payments, banking, expenses, debtors and creditors among others.

Due to the fact that your organisation is a charity, you can be sure that it will come under greater scrutiny than most other businesses because your main funding sources are donations and grants. Therefore, you will need good accounting software for your charity.

A priority when selecting accounting software for your organisation, is to know which kind of software can better help the charity. There are several accounting applications which are custom-made to suit various institutions within certain sectors. It doesn't matter what kind of accounting software you find, each one has several weaknesses and strengths which will be beneficial or perhaps not as helpful to the specific organization. Therefore to have a general understanding of the features you require can help considerably when selecting the best accounting software for your needs.

An additional element in choosing the correct software for your charity is that you need to take into account any subsequent expenses linked to the program. Additional charges consist of things like multiple licenses to operate the application on more than one computer system or inside a charity’s network along with the expenditures required for training the employees to work with that particular kind of application. You have to always think about these expenses when looking for accounting software for charities.

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