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Need to know CRM news for nonprofits

Melanie May | 14 February 2023 | News

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With Microsoft announcing a list of updates planned for Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit this year, here’s more on this, as well as a other need to know snippets of CRM news for nonprofits.

Microsoft reveals planned updates for Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit

Late last month Microsoft announced a list of features for Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit that it plans to release between April and September this year.


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Its data ingestion tools will include a number of enhancements including straightforward mapping to destination tables and columns, error checks, clear status messaging, and import summaries. Users will be able to employ these tools during both their initial migration and in their ongoing data unification efforts.

Microsoft will also be making improvements to Fundraising and Engagement to enable users to extend and customise it more easily. In addition, improvements are planned for Fundraising and Engagement’s input forms and processing, and it will see its first AI model introduced to support the assessment of potential donors.

Contact and household views will contain more actionable, up-to-date metrics and insights to support fundraisers and marketers in identifying the next steps to take with a specific prospect, donor, or campaign.

Users will also be able to integrate their reporting between Fundraising and Engagement and Dynamics 365 Marketing to view ongoing campaign performance and historical trends.

The Giving Block partners with Omatic

The Giving Block has announced a new partnership with Omatic, a solution provider for nonprofit data integration. This partnership means nonprofit organisations can connect their fundraising data from The Giving Block with Blackbaud.

In addition to working directly with nonprofits, Omatic has been building integrations for Blackbaud since 2012. The Giving Block’s integration with Omatic Cloud allows nonprofits to seamlessly sync data from The Giving Block to Blackbaud. This includes Raiser’s Edge, Blackbaud CRM, and Altru.

The Giving Block is offering clients a 15% discount off new ImportOmatic subscriptions. To get started or learn more, nonprofits can email pa******@om************.com

Beacon unveils new look

Beacon has unveiled an update to its branding with a new logo, new website, and new colour scheme.

The new logo has been designed to be fun and dynamic, and also to reflect the company’s focus.

The website has been rebuilt from scratch to better communicate who Beacon are, and there’s also a new tagline, “Transform how your charity works”, which is all about using technology to improve both day-to-day operations and something more fundamental at the heart of the organisations Beacon works with.

Enthuse announces integration with Beacon

Enthuse has this month (February) announced an integration with Beacon, which means its users will have all their donations and fundraising data integrated into one CRM platform.

This, Enthuse says, will make insightful supporter data more accessible, helping nonprofits create better targeted campaigns and more personalised experiences, enabled all team members to access the same information from one central location, and help to bring in more donations.

GoodCRM celebrates 5th birthday

This February GoodCRM celebrates its 5th birthday.

With a focus on arts, heritage and charity, GoodCRM sprang into life when founder Tom Cowle, in collaboration with Creative Music Charity Brighter Sound, began to develop a flexible database to store and interpret their vast amounts of monitoring data.

The company says that replacing Excel or Google Forms with GoodCRM to collect rich data for meaningful monitoring & evaluation is a no-brainer. While with admin support such as its suite of email features, MailChimp integration and workflows functionality, GoodCRM can offer packages to suit any size of organisation and budget.

Founder and COO Tom Cowle commented:

“We’re committed to building capacity within the Third Sector through our affordable, person-friendly software. As well as your regular contacts and relationship management, GoodCRM captures and reports on projects & events recording on participatory engagements, has an option for managing memberships, helps manage your fundraising by capturing donations directly from your website or social media too.”

Free impact measurement tool that integrates with CRMs

Impactasaurus is a free tool to help small charities measure and report their social impact.

It has a simple 4-step process, starting with selecting a questionnaire based on desired outcomes, or creating one, collecting responses – which are securely saved within Impactasaurus for review and analysis, monitoring beneficiaries’ journeys, and then generating reports showing the organisation’s impact on beneficiaries.

In November, it announced that users of Salesforce’s Nonprofit Success Pack could use Impactasaurus directly from Salesforce with a new plugin.

The Impactasaurus plugin offers a lightning component which users can bring into their Contact or Account lightning pages. The component shows the beneficiary’s page within Impactasaurus, allowing the user to see the beneficiary’s soft outcome data, generate questionnaire links or gather questionnaire responses – all from Salesforce.

Tool launches that automates donor retention process

Retentionly has launched – a new tool that automates the donor retention process for nonprofits with a supporter database of more than 50 people.

The tool provides pre-built donor journeys to fill in. These donor journeys are made up of several emails, the purpose of which is to help retain donors and inspire them to give again. Users select a goal and start building out their sequence, before booking a meeting with Retentionly to connect their website with the journey.

Retentionly charges £1 per donor journey and offers custom bundles for those with over 10,000 supporters.

Charities can book a demo here.