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DEC earthquake appeal raises £32.9mn on day one

Melanie May | 10 February 2023 | News

Save the Children is supporting this temporary shelter in Aleppo Governorate, North West Syria, via its partner organisations
Save the Children is supporting this temporary shelter in Aleppo Governorate, North West Syria, via its partner organisations

The Disasters Emergency Committee’s (DEC) Turkey-Syria Earthquake Appeal raised £32.9mn on its first day yesterday, including match funding.

Fourteen DEC charities are responding in Türkiye and Syria including Islamic Relief, Oxfam and the International Rescue Committee, working with locally-led relief efforts. 

The total includes donations from Their Majesties The King and The Queen Consort and Their Royal Highnesses the Prince and Princess of Wales, as well as £5mn matched by the UK Government through the UK Aid Match scheme. 


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A number of celebrities supported the launch yesterday, including Daniel Craig, Tamsin Greig, Sir Michael Palin and the Reverend Richard Coles, asking people to donate to the appeal on TV and radio.

Actor Daniel Craig voiced his support for the appeal with a call for donations after the evening news yesterday (Thursday 9 February) on ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5 and Sky. He was joined by actor Tamsin Greig who presented the appeal on the BBC, while independent radio appeals were voiced by actor and broadcaster Sir Michael Palin. Each of them urged people in the UK to donate what they can to support relief efforts on the ground.

Saleh Saeed, Chief Executive of the DEC, commented:

“I am tremendously grateful to all the people who have already donated to the DEC Turkey-Syria Earthquake Appeal.


“The stories we are now hearing from the survivors who have managed to escape the ruins of flattened and crumpled buildings without shoes and coats in the depths of winter are desperately sad.


“It is hard to grasp what they and their families are going through. But what we do know is that help is already being delivered by 14 of our member charities using funds donated to the DEC. They are providing hot meals, blankets, and medical aid.


“For example,  Tearfund’s partner in Aleppo has opened three shelters for people who have lost their homes, providing warmth, shelter, hot meals, water and other essential items such as soap and toothpaste, blankets and warm clothing. So far, they are supporting around 1,000 people.”

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