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JustGiving kickstarts 2023 London Marathon fundraising with £15k donation

Melanie May | 26 October 2022 | News

A runner reflected in a puddle. By Cottonbro on pexels

JustGiving is to donate £5 to each of the first 3,000 JustGiving fundraising pages created for the 2023 London Marathon – a total of £15,000.

The move is to help London Marathon runners meet and exceed their targets and according to the platform, pages set up prior to the Christmas period go on to raise almost a third (31%) more than those created after Christmas.

The news comes as the London Marathon ballot is announced and, based on its data, JustGiving expects this to help fundraisers each generate a further £118 for their chosen charities.


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During the 2022 London Marathon, fundraisers on the platform collectively raised over £37million in donations for over 1700 charities.

The £5 donations will automatically be made to each of the fundraisers’ pages within seven days of the page being created.

Pascale Harvie, President and General Manager at JustGiving said: 

“Our insight tells us that the earlier a page is created the more that fundraiser goes on to raise for their chosen charity. We know how hard our thousands of London Marathon fundraisers work to train and raise funds for the charities close to their hearts. We hope these donations help runners get inspired to share their training and fundraising journeys with their friends and families.”