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Getty Images tool to help marketers think about more inclusive imagery

Howard Lake | 17 June 2022 | News

Screenshot of Getty Images top trending terms
Image: Getty Images

Getty Images has unveiled a free interactive visual tool which will help charities, businesses, marketers and advertisers “to think about using more diverse and inclusive imagery to engage with wider audiences”. 

VisualGPS Insight lets users view, compare and analyse over 2.5 billion annual search and download queries from Getty Images and iStock. 

It is similar to Google Trends, but instead of search terms it shows the most popular and trending images, videos and illustrations on chosen topics across industries, regions and timeframes. 


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According to Getty Images research, most consumers (63%) are not noticing an increase in diversity (Black, Hispanic, Asian, South Asian, Indigenous, Muslim, LGBTQ+, women) portrayed or represented in the media or advertising compared to a year ago. 

Getty Images believes that businesses “have a responsibility to choose visual content that truly represents society and engages with more diverse audiences”.

How to use it

Global trends and visual insights are accessible through easy-to-understand graphs, charts and heat maps showing industries, regions and timeframes. Users will also be able to compare two terms to find intersections between trending topics and popular images, illustrations and videos.

To help customers understand relative interest in a single term and/or comparison of two terms, the tool will show:

“More informed decisions on… visual strategy”

Dr. Rebecca Swift, Global Head of Creative Insights at Getty Images and iStock said:

“From speaking with businesses and agencies of all sizes, we realised how many of them were scared to get it wrong with their visual content. Whether brands are looking to diversify their image choices or finding insights that magnify their marketing results, this tool will help businesses of all sizes make more informed decisions on their visual strategy.”

WATCH: VisualGPS Insights – how it works

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