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Charity Excellence Framework becomes registered charity

Melanie May | 13 October 2021 | News

Charity Excellence Framework on a laptop

The Charity Excellence Framework (CEF) has announced that it has become a registered charity, and is now looking to scale up further and transfer ownership to the sector.

The CEF launched in 2018, developed and self-funded by Ian McLintock to help charities with their governance and compliance for free.

It provides the means to assess and manage performance across a number of key areas, as well as work out where improvements are needed through a unique model for each nonprofit, based on size, location, role and activities, with diagnostic questionnaires and reporting via a dashboard that tracks key metrics. It also offers the free Funding Finder database, which links users to 400+ other free funding databases and online funder lists.


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2020 saw a number of developments announced including a software upgrade to enable it to provide support to micro charities, as well as functionality and social franchising upgrades.

Now with over 19,000 users, the plan now is to further scale the platform, and transfer ownership to the charity sector.

The CEF trustee team, comprising Jonathan Badger, Marie Davies and Sarah Swaysland, will lead on distributing ownership across the sector, using the CEF social franchising framework. They have begun the process of identifying and engaging strategic partners, with the aim of creating multiple CEFs that will be owned by sector leads, large charities and grants makers, plus digital shareholders and more.  This will also enable CEF to improve its existing system through bringing in additional technical expertise and potential access to funding.

Approaches from all potential partners are welcome, whether they are infrastructure bodies, charities or private companies.

In an announcement of the news, Ian McLintock said:

“All will need to demonstrate a passion for the improving the sector’s governance, be able to think strategically and act, not just talk.  They will bring influence, expertise or funding, but there will also be diverse voices.


“We now need the partners and funders to help shape and deliver our future.  If you are or know an organisation that may wish to be part of that, do, please, get in touch.”