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Call for charities to join research on virtual fundraising

Melanie May | 11 October 2021 | News

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Mass participation specialists Massive in partnership with JustGiving are calling for charities to be part of their new research to help the sector better understand the state of the virtual fundraising market.

Massive is revisiting its 2020 report The Virtual Fundraising Monitor and is calling on charities to share their results to help it analyse how the return to “normal” is affecting the events fundraising market.

2020 saw a boom in virtual fundraising events as charities looked to plug the gap left by the loss of physical events during the pandemic. Now as restrictions ease and physical events return, Massive are calling on charities to share their results to analyse how the return to “normal” is affecting the events fundraising market.


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The previous report examined data shared from over 150 virtual fundraising events delivered in 2020 providing an insight into what drove success when it came to virtual fundraising and explored the opportunities open to charities looking to launch their own campaigns.

As well as shining a spotlight on virtual fundraising event performance during the pandemic, it included insight and guidance to help charities succeed with their own campaigns in the virtual arena.

A year on, the report will look into a number of factors including how the return of physical events is affecting the virtual fundraising market, whether these types of activity are still attractive and what the long-term future for virtual events looks like.

John Tasker, partner at massive said:

“2020 was a year like no other for the events industry and it was fascinating to see how resilient and innovative charities were in pivoting their physical campaigns and launching new virtual campaigns raising millions.


With the return of physical events it will be interesting to see how these campaigns have faired a year on and if virtual was just a temporary fix or is here to stay.”

Sally Falvey, Head of Retention Marketing at Blackbaud Europe and JustGiving said:

“The 2020 Virtual Fundraising Monitor highlighted the creativity and innovation that was unlocked in the charity sector in response to COVID-19, and echoed the dramatic acceleration we’ve seen at JustGiving in the number of charities launching virtual events, and more recently hybrid events. As we look towards 2022, it will be fascinating to learn what types of events charities are choosing to invest in and whether virtual will continue to play a vital role in their event fundraising portfolio.”

The report is open to all charities able to share their events and campaign data. The team are collecting data now and will be keeping response open until Friday 22 October.