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New Strava feature on GivePenny lets fundraisers track any activity

Melanie May | 3 June 2021 | News

A montage of people doing sporting activities to illustrate a new Strava feature Moving on GivePenny fundraising platform

Tech-for-good platform GivePenny has released a new Strava feature that allows users to connect and track any activity within the same fundraising page and be sponsored for it, by either miles, kilometres, or minutes.

Previously, there were five different Strava activities that users could track on GivePenny: running, walking, swimming, cycling, and hiking. GivePenny’s new MOVING feature however displays any movement, regardless of the activity, that a fundraiser chooses to track on Strava.

32 different activities can currently be tracked on Strava, all of which can now be linked to GivePenny fundraising pages and the pledge donation system.


How to move from Fundraiser to CEO - by Bruce Tait. Upwards white arrow on blue background.

MOVING is one of a number of new features coming to the platform, and as well as creating extra opportunities for users, gives more freedom for charities to launch mass participation events with a wider range of activities.

Lee Clark, Founder & CEO at GivePenny, which helped charities to raise more than £1m in 2020, said:

“Going far beyond just giving people a way to show their Strava activity on their fundraising pages, our unique experience will connect fundraisers, donors and charities in a deeper way, leading to more fun, more engagement and more donations.”

To use it, fundraisers have to select the new option of ‘Moving’ in the list of trackable activities. This results in all Strava activities, from running and cycling, through to weight training and yoga, being displayed on the fundraising page for the duration of the challenge. In addition, GivePenny’s Per X donation system now allows friends and family to pledge donations against the number of minutes, opening up the possibilities for duration-based fundraising experiences alongside the existing Per Mile and Per KM functionality. According to GivePenny, its platform fundraising data also suggests that donations made through ‘Per X’ have seen a 50% increase in the amount given when compared to one-off donations.

Options are limitless, so users could be sponsored by friends and family to do anything from yoga with their dog for 200 minutes every week or to roller-ski 5km per day in any weather conditions. Being able to track any activity under the same fundraising page also means there is no need to create separate pages for each one, enabling a fundraiser to walk, run, cycle and swim all as part of the same challenge or campaign if they wish.