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How to add value to your end-of-year campaign with a multichannel mindset

How to add value to your end-of-year campaign with a multichannel mindset

2020 fundraising plans have, for most charities, been heavily disrupted by COVID-19, with some organisations already making changes to their 2021 activities. However, with the Christmas period around the corner there are still plenty of fundraising opportunities available. Blackbaud Charitable Giving Report showed that last year, 18% of all giving happened during December alone. This is a great reason for you to prioritise your end-of-year campaign.


Boost your campaign reach by using Blackbaud’s End-Of-Year Toolkit multichannel approach

Your end-of-year campaign is your last big fundraising push of the year, so you want to make it count! Don’t leave any stone unturned, if a channel has the potential to help you amplify your campaign and gain those all-important extra donations, then you should incorporate it into your campaign strategy.  And if you have a limited budget then don’t worry, this doesn’t have to be an expensive exercise as you’ll be surprised at how many outputs are already at your fingertips.

Blackbaud Europe’s new End-Of-Year Fundraising Toolkit dedicates one of its seven steps purely to how you can create a multichannel mindset, highlighting the channels within your reach.


What are some of the channels that you should include in your campaign?


Your website is a key tool when creating a successful campaign as it’s one of the first places people will visit when wanting to find out more about your cause. Don’t have a website that you can easily update? Use a fundraising platform, like JustGiving, that offers you the ability to create a one-stop shop campaign page where you can direct supporters to for details, compelling updates and images.

Social Media

In the recent Status of UK Fundraising 2020 report, of the charities who tried online giving directly through social media during lockdown, 94% would use it again. Use your social channels to start a conversation by creating a dedicated campaign hashtag, bearing mind that now, more than ever, social media also acts as a ‘word of mouth’ channel.

Virtual Fundraising

There are so many variations of virtual fundraising, from gaming marathons, live concerts or bake-alongs, that you’re guaranteed to find a virtual activity which complements your campaign. If you choose to livestream through a streaming platform like YouTube or Twitch then make sure you add a clear, compelling ask along with a donation link in the stream description. If you have a JustGiving account, then you can also broadcast livestreams on Fundraising Pages, allowing people to get watch and donate in one place.


Empower your teams to participate in offline stewardship, making sure they’re up to date with the latest campaign info. Little touches such as handwritten thank-you notes or phone calls can have a huge impact, especially during COVID-19 when it can be easy for people to feel disconnected.


It’s never too late to start planning

There are more channels suggested in the End-Of-Year Fundraising Toolkit, alongside a multichannel worksheet and advice on how to incorporate storytelling into your campaign. Remember, don’t spend time focusing on what you could have done if you had started planning earlier. Instead, think about how you can make the most of what’s available to you in the time that you have.

The full toolkit is available now to download on the Blackbaud Resources Hub.


Toni Gregory is Content Marketing Specialist at Blackbaud Europe.


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