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Why charities must get creative to avoid losing future supporters

Why charities must get creative to avoid losing future supporters are a market leading full stack digital fundraising platform, and opened offices in the UK and US in 2018. They provide the tech behind some of the world’s leading fundraising campaigns, including The May 50k, MS Readathon, and the Alpe d’HuZes. Funraisin offers a wide range of supporter engagement tools including Strava, FitBit, Tik Tok, Youtube, Facebook Live, and Twitch. 

Over the past few months, the fundraising sector has entered a new ‘giving normal’, with supporters of all ages becoming at-home content producers and fundraisers more than ever before. The 2.6 Challenge allowed people to personalise their fundraising experience whilst Captain Tom Moore demonstrated that neither age nor ability are preventative factors in getting involved and making an impact. 

That was then, this is now and we need to build longevity for every charity to thrive. With this in mind, Studio Republic and Funraisin have forged a partnership to help educate charities about how they can take a fresh approach in order to carve the way forward. 

The duo are the creative and digital partners powering the UK’s national cycling campaign #BIKEISBEST, and together they have created a paper that tackles how charities can create inspiring imagery and leading online supporter experiences that can be delivered through technology. The fundraising partnership aims to break-down the current conditioning of limitations and have begun by co-authoring a paper exploring the future of fundraising. 

“Once the dust settles after this pandemic, the new giving normal will be a hyper-congested market and an economy under immense pressure. Charities will not just be competing as a sector for donations, but will be competing with every other consumer good or service.”

– Keith Williams, COO at Funraisin

The power of 2.6 and beyond

“The Power of the 2.6 and Beyond”
Download Your Copy here



Leveraging The 2.6 Challenge – which raised £10 million for 3000 charities in April – is a small example of what’s possible, the paper illustrates why creativity and new technology are both vital for the sector to combat donor fatigue. Now is a chance to learn, adapt and adjust for a much more digital and personalised fundraising future. 

To take advantage of this rare opportunity for change, charities must pair creativity with technology that truly serves purpose. The experts at Studio Republic are well versed in creating fantastic design experiences and at Funraisin, we have hosted what may be the world’s biggest single charity virtual fundraiser, the May 50k raising over £3.9m for MS Research, along with many other fantastic fundraisers for global brand. The common denominators for success are always a pro-digital and considered approach to user experience and supporter care. 

“Fundraisers have seen and experienced a different, more flexible way of supporting causes close to their heart and they won’t want to revert back to the rigidity of traditional methods. Now it’s up to charities to meet these new fundraiser expectations head-on. The second half of 2020 is an opportune time to invest in the sophistication of planned events and campaigns.”

– Fleurie Forbes-Martin, Director of Studio Republic and lead creative for The 2.6 Challenge

"We define the factors that will influence the success of charity fundraising moving forward"

“The Power of the 2.6 and Beyond”
Download Your Copy here 


What we mean by ‘creative fundraising’ has changed. This is because supporters have changed. People are more tech-savvy than ever before, more virtual. They have been forced to adapt. Charities must react to keep the attention of this new, video-call-friendly fundraiser. Tik Tok users will dance if you ask them to! Foodies will cook-on-camera. It’s time to let your supporters define their own journey, and move beyond restrictive templates.



About the partners and the whitepaper

Who are Funraisin?

 Launching in 2016, Funraisin have grown to support hundreds of inspiring, life-changing charities in the UK, Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand and have helped raise more than £550million through features that enable an organisation to take control of their data and brand online and make more meaningful connections with their supporters. Funraisin provide world-class tools to create amazing supporter experiences, grow your supporter base, be confident in the security of their data and give charities unparalleled freedom to customize fundraising sites as they need – so nonprofits can grow their revenue and spend time tackling our world’s greatest challenges. UK clients include Parkinsons UK , Pancreatic Cancer UK, and ABF The Soldiers Charity.

Who are Studio Republic?

Launched in 2003, Studio Republic is a B-Corp certified branding and digital campaign agency dedicated to creative for good. Helping purposeful and nonprofit organisations to engage audiences in order to create the greatest societal impact possible. With offices in Winchester and London, the studio dedicates sustainably-supplied branding, campaign and website design & development services to organisations with purpose. Clients include the National Deaf Children’s Society, London Irish Foundation and Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust.


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