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Top fundraising ideas: charity auctions and more

Top fundraising ideas: charity auctions and more

More UK businesses than ever before are getting involved in charity fundraising. Motivated by the desire to give something back (and the benefits of positive PR), most established businesses now do at least something for a good cause on a regular basis.

Nevertheless, the usual bog-standard fundraising initiatives have a tendency to get a little monotonous. If you really want to break the mould with something special, you will need to think outside the box… or bucket.

A good fundraising idea is about far more than donated money to charity. It’s also about bringing people together to support a good cause, while demonstrating how socially conscious your business is. Hence, if you are out to show your support in a more creative way, be sure to give thought to the following fundraising ideas.

1. 80s Fashion Show

First up, organise an office-wide 80s fashion competition. Invite employees for one day only to attend the office in the most outrageous 80s outfits they can lay their hands on. A small fee for joining the fun, a token prize going to the winner. All proceeds going directly to charity and a slightly less conventional day at work for the team to enjoy.


2. Charity Auctions

You would be surprised how much more liberal people can be when they know their cash is going to a good cause. This is precisely where charity auctions can be heavy-hitters on the fundraising scene. Put together a handful of lots you know your employees will be interested in and auction them off to the highest bidder. Or you can ask for help from Charity Auction experts like Superstars so the organising is easier.


3. Silent Auctions

It is exactly the same with a silent auction, only in this instance all bids are kept under wraps. As nobody knows who is the highest bidder at the time, bidders are more likely to bid more for lots than they otherwise would. Run the silent auction in the background during normal working hours, or organise a lavish event and have the entire team attend.


4. Raffle a Day Off

This never fails and can easily be organised several times per year. It is simply a case of inviting every employee to pay say £5 to draw a ticket from a box. At the end of the month, a number is drawn at random and the lucky winner walks away with a paid day off work. A day off (or two) can also be a surprisingly effective lot at a charity auction or silent auction – often motivating generous bids.


5. Guest Speakers

Like most businesses, the celebrities and famous faces are always on the lookout for opportunities to generate positive PR. As such, it may be easier than you think to persuade someone famous to pop into your office, or deliver a speech at an event. The idea being that you charge a small entry fee – all of which goes directly to charity. While on that note, you could also contact
celebrities and famous faces to request autographs and signed memorabilia to auction off.


6. Second-Hand Sales

The humble jumble sale is a proud British tradition, but it can also be the perfect excuse for getting rid of clutter around the home. Rather than the usual junk that is fit for nowhere other than the dustbin, invite your employees to bring whatever they’d like to get rid of that is still actually worth something. All proceeds going directly to charity, while giving those who take part the chance to pick up a bargain.


7. Competitive Karaoke

The same basic idea once again – a flat entry fee, a token prize for the winner and all proceeds going to charity. Karaoke events have always been great team building activities, so why not combine your crooning with a fundraiser? Hire a venue for a night to remember, or simply convert your meeting room into the ultimate concert hall for one night only.


8. The Great Workplace Bake-Off

Last but not least, the world’s newfound obsession with competitive baking is not going anywhere. As a result, you may as well take advantage of it. Organise a bake-off for the workplace, where the decadent delights brought in are sliced, sold and savoured by all. Huge bragging rights and baking immortality for the winner – the potentially sizeable proceeds going straight to charity.


Superstars helps thousands of charities and organisations with their fundraising efforts, with millions of pounds being raised.

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