Canadian university launches bursary funded by parking tickets

Melanie May | 21 September 2018 | News

MacEwan University in Edmonton, Canada, has launched a new student bursary, funded by parking fines.
The Campus Services Transportation Bursary is available to MacEwan University students in financial need, with up to 25 bursaries of $1,000 each currently available per year.

The idea came from the university’s Transportation Services department’s Senior Manager, Jim MacDonald. The department had previously donated money raised through parking fines to various charitable causes, but MacDonald wanted to take this idea further.
He said:

“We wanted to create something more permanent, and something that would benefit MacEwan’s students directly.”

The hope is that not only will the bursaries benefit students financially, but also encourage the university community to develop a culture of giving.
Sarah Branton, Manager of Community Development at MacEwan, said:

“Transportation Services has set an amazing example. By committing to fund this bursary they have shown that they understand the importance of helping students. Through this bursary, our students will feel supported by our internal departments, and recognise that we all want to participate in helping them succeed.”


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