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Business systems summit – Online training June 22nd 2017

Business systems summit – Online training June 22nd 2017

People say that the most successful charities are those that are run like an efficient commercial (for profit) business. I really don’t want to get too far into that argument, but there is a lot that can be learned from how successful businesses are run. One of the key factors that comes up again and again is all around systems. What systems do you have in place, how are they run and managed? 

If you want to learn more about this then you should know about an upcoming business systems summit. It’s an online event and free to attend.It’s on the 22nd and 23rd June

People who know me well, know that I am obsessed with systems. If you are at all curious about the software and systems we use to promote our own business and want to learn how you could improve your own then here is the answer.

Check out the overview page on <this link here>:

Note: I believe that effective business systems are the most important thing that a business owner can implement to scale and grow their business. this is true where the business is a full commercial organisation, run for profit or a charity. It’s something our team work on every day.

Please book the event and then let me know what you think. It’s being run by one of our partners (David Jenyns), someone we know and respect.

A number of leading industry experts are going to be presenting their own best business systems, so you should be able to pick up some valuable tips.

Clwyd is founder and CEO at Whitehat, an Inbound Marketing Agency based in London.

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