Fundraising news, ideas and inspiration for professional charity fundraisers online fundraising platform online fundraising platform is the Europe’s leading online fundraising platform with over 7 million users in 150 countries. It proposes a fast, easy and secure way for individuals and charities to set their projects in motion. From supporting a cause to clubbing together for a group gift, the opportunities are endless! - need help fundraising for nonprofits? can be used by nonprofit organisations and charities (regardless of their size) as an online payment solution, allowing them to conveniently collect donations from all over the world.

Individuals, on the other hand, can use this platform to raise funds for an individual in need, a local community or humanitarian project. Running a marathon for a cause? Create your money pot, collect donations and transfer them over to your charity of choice!

Examples of currently running fundraising projects

Why raise funds with

● Lowest service fees on the market- this means that more money goes to where it’s really needed

● Transparent fees:

○ free to spend your money pot on partner sites

○ 2.9% for transfers over £2000 or 4% under £2000

○ Read more here:

● Platform with a user friendly interface – anyone can use it

● Easy fundraising campaign creation process – it takes only 1 minute to create a money pot

● Ease of making donations:

○ 1 click payment to donate

○ no need to create an account

● Viral service – seamless social media integration, which makes it easy to share the fundraising campaign, raise awareness and maximise donations

How to set up your fundraising campaign? flow chart showing how it works
Find out more here: it-work

Questions or comments on how to use to set up your fundraising campaign?


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