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Sign up your charity today to claim £100 to help kick start donations

Sign up your charity today to claim £100 to help kick start donations

We know how it goes. Most online fundraising platforms have somewhat of a reputation for being big on success claims and poor on actually delivering any substantial revenue for charities.

Click here to claim £100 for your charity

But for some reason these channels have experienced a surge in popularity over the past 18 months – both with charities and with donators – and we wanted to find out why.

So whether you’ve tried using them before, are still using them now or are considering signing up to one, take a look at these 5 key reasons to pay attention to online fundraising platforms in 2016/17:

1. Unrestricted income

We’re sure you’ve formed an opinion on whether the amount of return generated from online fundraising platforms is really worth your time; but regardless of whether you earn hundreds or thousands of pounds from these revenue streams it is still completely unrestricted income for you and your charity.

2. Does not demand your time

Contrary to belief, these channels do not usually take up much – if any – of a charity’s time, and they often tick away in the background unseen and unheard until money is dropped in to said charity’s account every week, month or year.

3. Signing up is free

With the better online fundraising platforms, there’s no investment required from the charity whatsoever. So signing up should certainly always be completely free. And depending on which type of platform you use, donations are often completely free for the donator too. The only cost is to the platform itself.

4. Free marketing

A few of these free online fundraising platforms will offer you free exposure on their website, social media channels and in e-marketing mailers. Some even offer free content marketing support and will help you promote events, awareness dates and special causes with blogs, case studies and news content.

5. Incentives

Some fundraising platforms will offer sign up or seasonal incentives to help keep you and your supporters engaged, and to help boost donations and raise awareness of your charity.

Savoo Search, Save and Raise is one online fundraising platform that ticks all five of the above boxes. And for a limited time only, they’re giving every new charity that signs up £100 to help kick start donations.

Simply sign your charity up today and quote ‘UK Fundraising’ as your source as to get started*.

You can find out more about how Savoo Search, Save and Raise works here. Or visit for more information.

* T&Cs apply

Click here to claim £100 for your charity

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