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How to print online with a real HUMAN TOUCH

How to print online with a real HUMAN TOUCH

Have you ever considered printing online for your charity’s needs? You might be uncertain or a little overwhelmed when placing your first order, but ordering online is easier and more personal than you think. Printing online is convenient and affordable, but you might have the feeling that you have lost that personal human connection that you have with your local printer. Is it possible to have the best of both worlds? Is there an online printing service with a Human Touch?

Easy to Order, Quick to Deliver

Online printing services can save you time and money with the added benefit that you never have to leave the office. Simply select your product, customise it and upload your artwork comfortably from your office. Then, let the printing company take care of the rest. For example, an order of 5,000 standard flyers only takes around 4-5 days from placing the order to having it in your hands.

You need your products even faster? Online printers, like online printing service SAXOPRINT, offer a wide range of printed material with a 48 hour turnaround. Get your flyers, posters, business cards and other business stationery within 2 working days.

A Human Touch

As a charity, you have several printing needs and picking the right printer is important. For everyday items like business cards or business stationery, buying in bulk can save you money. With more specialised products like brochures, which can be used as charity guides, or promotional material like postcards, your printer should work hand in hand with you to ensure you have the absolute best product to show your donors. This personal hands-on service is something you might associate more with a local printer; however, SAXOPRINT also offers you and your charity a real Human Touch.

Many fear a lack of quality control with online printing services as many do not offer contact between printer and customer. SAXOPRINT takes pride in its excellent customer service. More than 500 dedicated print experts stand behind every print run. This means every aspect of your print job receives personal treatment. With each order, you get a free standard artwork check. Meaning, your images and files will be checked to see if they are up to printable standards; you will be contacted directly about any issues that could affect the quality of your print job. Not enough? You can pay a small extra fee and a printing expert will inspect your order in detail for the most common sizing, formatting and colour issues.

Matt, a customer at SAXOPRINT, wrote:

“Very impressed. I’d made an error in the artwork detail, which was highlighted to me by the team, with suggestions for improvement. The finished product was exactly what I’d hoped for and timeframes were good.”

Sounds just like your local neighbourhood printer, doesn’t it?

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Online Printer

As you can see, online printers aren’t faceless and impersonal. Through a real Human Touch, you can expect both quality printed material at low costs, with the friendly support of real people.

Howard Lake is a digital fundraising entrepreneur. Publisher of UK Fundraising, the world's first web resource for professional fundraisers, since 1994. Trainer and consultant in digital fundraising. Founder of Fundraising Camp.

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