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Action Against Hunger says thank you to the UK restaurant industry

Action Against Hunger says thank you to the UK restaurant industry

Staff at Action Against Hunger have dedicated a day to say to the many restaurants, chefs and food retailers who have donated to and supported the charity.

Its Love Food Give Food campaign during September and October saw hundreds of restaurants adding discretionary £1 donation to table bills or a small donation from a popular dish.

The charity’s staff have telephoned supporters, written to them, emailed them, communicated via Twitter and Facebook, and they’ve recorded videos thanking both individual restaurants and whole industries such as Indian restaurants and Michelin-starred restaurants.

Everyone joined in, including volunteers and directors.

In a summary Emma Cullingford, Head of Food Related Fundraising at Action Against Hunger says:

“We’re here today to say a special thank you to an industry that is close to our hearts, one that loves food as much as we do, and gives through that love of food”.

The campaign video concludes with a message that “no money was spent on making this… Just a lot of love & free time!”.



It also encourages viewers to explore the many individual thank you videos posted to the charity’s YouTube channel. You can find 25 thank you videos there.



Thank you Michelin star restaurants


Thank you Italian restaurants


Thank you Ed’s Easy Diner


More next year?

Will this become an annual event? Caroline Dyer at Action Against Hunger hoped it would:



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