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Charity Jobs

Charity Jobs

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Charity Jobs

Charity Jobs: Working for the not for profit sector or charity can be very rewarding depending on what you are looking for. You feel good about the positive changes you are making in the community, as well as working with like minded people who are passionate about charity too. After deciding to work for a value based organisation, the next step will be to look for the target job, and you can search through charity directories, classified listings or give Company XX a call.

Understanding charity jobs

Most people involved in charity work are volunteers, and they do not receive any remuneration apart from expenses, if agreed upon, however you can still find numerous paid jobs that are open to those seeking to work in the sector.

The jobs can range from administrative positions, fund raising officers, management jobs or running charity shops by serving behind the counter. The bottom line is that you will be doing ethical work for the common good of humanity, for instance, helping people with terminal illnesses, helping the disabled, or helping protect endangered animals and the environment.

At the point that you decide to join this industry, it will be very helpful if you are passionate about the field you want to work it. For example, if you really care about rainforests and pollution then you can work for a charitable organisation specialising in cleaning rivers and planting trees where you will find fulfilling work. On the other hand, if you love to care for people then you can look for work with charities that deal with health care issues, for instance, hospices for the terminally ill among others.

Charities are non-profit organisations that concentrate on philanthropic work, which can involve education, healthcare, the environment religious and other ethical issues, ideally, the list is long, and you have a long list of jobs from which to choose. Below are the different kinds of charity jobs that you will commonly find in the United Kingdom.

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Charity Jobs | Fundraising charity work

Charity fundraisers main role is to raise money for the charitable organisation. This can involve organising parties’ and events for the public or approaching potential donors like corporate organisations in fund raising efforts. When doing this, you are looking to build a strong relationship with them, which will compel them to fund your projects effortlessly in the end. You may have to put together a volunteer team that will go door to door looking for funds and donations, but certainly, you will have to approach major corporations for funding for specific projects.

Charity support jobs

Charitable organisations require support staff to help them with the daily running of their projects. For instance, you work with people with learning difficulties by helping them as they do shopping or even visiting them at home. In this position, you will be reporting to the management as well as liaising with other voluntary organisations, often times this is a paid position.

Charity trustee jobs

A charity trustee is a volunteer that does not receive a salary or wage, but whose responsibility is to oversee the charity expenditure. Their main job is to oversee the daily running of the charity, help in decision making and overall management decisions. For example, they may help in deciding the projects to spend grant funds on, and assist with recruiting, and fundraising efforts.

On the overall, you will need to make a decision on whether working without pay is for you and determine the kind of work you are willing to do for charity. It is imperative that you have a passion for the particular cause, and be realistic too, since you may not make as much as you would if you worked in the corporate field. Ideally, ensure that you like the charity jobs you are applying for before you get it.

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